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Path for Redistricting Legislation Takes Many Turns
By Rep. Marguerite Quinn (R-Bucks) 

As you may know, the status of House Bill 722 -- legislation that seeks to reform the state’s redistricting process and ensure fair legislative districts at both the state and federal levels – has taken many different twists and turns. I am a co-sponsor of the original draft of the legislation, which seeks to implement a citizens’ commission to redraw the lines after the U.S. Census every 10 years. This would apply to districts for Congress, state Senate and state House.

During the spring legislation session, the original proposal was altered dramatically in the House State Government Committee. Additionally, the Senate’s own version, Senate Bill 22, was amended in that chamber to include provisions that would establish – for the first time – judicial district boundaries.

Now that Senate Bill 22 passed the Senate and was referred to a committee in the House, the bill has become the subject of 700-plus amendments. Some of those are very well intentioned and seek to improve the overall bill, while others are designed to stop the bill in its tracks.

Currently, House leaders are working to have many of the lesser substantive amendments withdrawn. If that effort is successful and a vote can be called up on this important legislative reform, I’m looking forward to a responsible bill being debated in the House.

Please note that such a monumental reform must follow a very strict set of procedures to ensure that the letter of the law is adhered.

Because legislation of this nature amends the state Constitution, identical language must pass both chambers in two consecutive sessions before it goes to the voters for final approval. We can pass legislation this fall and early again in the new 2019-20 session, which begins Jan. 1, 2019.

Part of the process also requires the Department of State to advertise such proposed amendments in newspapers throughout the state. Because the department has not communicated an actual deadline for the publishing of such advertisements, I am not aware of an actual deadline for the publishing of these advertisements.

Of course, though, I would like to vote on it as quickly as possible so that the voters can have the ultimate decision, as early as fall 2019.

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